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EXCEL education for your company,
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How did it all start?

I am a passionate teacher of MS EXCEL, Power Query and VBA. I graduated with honors in didactics of mathematics and physics. During my university studies, I never doubted, that I would become a professional educator. Unfortunately, when I started to teach at the local high school, I realized I couldn’t make a living with it.

After few months, I started to search for a work in the multinational companies. With a strong background in maths and science I started my career in the jobs focused on the data analysis. As a billing specialist, I designed VBA tools to provide complex invoice checks that ensured more than 95% accuracy of invoices issued to our customers worldwide. As a fraud and bypass analyst I was fighting the telecommunication frauds using VBA and SQL queries. As a pricing specialist, I took care of VBA tools responsible for correct pricing offers to our customers.

Even though I did like my work in the corporate world, I always felt, that something was missing. After eight years, I took a sabbatical for eight months. During this time, I was reinventing my life and I was thinking what to do next with my career. After this break, I realized I needed to return to the activity that I enjoy the most – teaching.

What happened next?

I worked as a freelancer for two years, and then, in 2021 I founded my own company Love2teach s.r.o. (yes, because I really love to teach) 🙂 Today I help companies and individuals to grow professionally in their daily work with MS Excel, Power Query and VBA.

How do I teach?

I like a relaxed working atmosphere, as we absorb and retain information better, in a stress-free environment. I use the „learning by doing“ method – from the first lesson your employees solve tasks as much as possible, consult their work problems, or we work on the predefined tasks that simulate real-life work problems.

Veronika Baláž

Does my approach suit your company culture?

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EXCEL mentoring

Do your employees need help with a specific EXCEL, Power Query or VBA project at work?

Did your team get a new EXCEL tasks, which your employees are not ready for?

Do you have a team with employees located in various countries, so they work rather isolated without the possibility to brainstorm together?

EXCEL mentoring is the learning method I love the most. It is fully personalized EXCEL training tailor-made for your team. In EXCEL mentoring I provide support to your employees and I work with them to improve the way they handle their daily tasks. 

EXCEL mentoring could have a form of:

1. Workshop, prepared directly on the spreadsheets of your team

2. Regular individual or group consultations

Is EXCEL mentoring exactly what your employees need?

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EXCEL workshops

Do you need EXCEL training on the specific topic, for the group of your employees? I prepare half-day EXCEL trainings, separated into 90-minutes blocks, which is optimal focus time. During the workshop your employees work actively on the tasks that simulate real-life work problems.

How does it work?

1. Chemistry meeting with your HR department

2. Initial communication about the most requested topics

3. Testing of your employees

4. Evaluation of the test results with your HR

5. Creating workshop groups of your employees

6. And the training can start…

The most favorite training topics

Productivity hacks

Basic and advanced functions

Pivot tables and charts

Interactive dashboards

Automated dashboards in Power Query

VBA basics for non-programmers

Are you interested in my EXCEL workshops?

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